Electronic SOC Booklets

Improve your efficiency with our Electronic Start of Care (SOC) Booklets.

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper-based documentation and embrace a digital solution that revolutionizes the way you initiate patient care.

Benefits of io Health eSOC Booklets

Streamlined Documentation Processes: io Health’s eSOC booklet saves clinicians 15-30 minutes on average per SOC. Traditional paper-based SOC booklets often lead to time-consuming and error-prone documentation. Electronic SOC booklets digitize and automate the documentation workflow, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. With intuitive interfaces and customizable templates, clinicians can efficiently capture comprehensive patient data, assessment findings, care plans and interventions in a streamlined manner. 

Cost Savings: Shifting from paper-based SOC booklets to electronic alternatives brings significant cost and space savings. The expenses associated with printing, storing, and managing paper booklets can be  eliminated altogether while reducing paper waste. 

Enhanced Care Coordination: Electronic SOC booklets facilitate seamless communication among multidisciplinary teams, detecting and automatically sending an updated copy when information is changed in the EMR. Care providers can easily share real-time updates, progress notes, and care plan revisions within the electronic booklet, ensuring all team members are informed and on the same page. This promotes effective collaboration, reduces communication gaps, and enhances care coordination, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

HIPAA Compliant: The io Health eSOC booklets are delivered digitally and securely to the patient will full HIPAA compliance.

How io Health Works


Prevent errors in real-time.


Guide clinicians on workflow and interventions.


Fix errors at each step of the workflow.

Contact us today to learn more about our electronic SOC booklet solutions and embark on a new era of documentation efficiency. 

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