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Home health agencies spend a lot of time completing and fixing documentation.

io Health is an error prevention software for home health documentation so clinicians can spend time on what’s important: providing high-quality healthcare to patients.

It acts as a clinical guide to enforce compliance with CMS documentation requirements and MD protocols. io Health reduces time spent on documentation and improves reimbursements, star ratings and compliance. Best of all, there is no complex integration and implementation required to get started.

Ready to streamline your healthcare documentation and maximize returns? Try our ROI Calculator and unlock the true potential of io Health.


Calculate the value that io Health can generate for your home health agency.

On average, io Health customers experience a:

Unleashing Success

9x Return on Investment (ROI)

Optimizing Home Health

15% Reduction in overall Home Health

Efficiency Unleashed

30% Reduction in overall Home Health costs in time spent on training and onboarding new clinicians

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Generate a 9x return on your investment using io Health.

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Chief Executive Officer

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