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io Health makes in-home OASIS documentation faster, more accurate and simpler. Our technology provides real-time chart validation in the field. It works on your EMR, so there’s no big implementation or training investment. Better financial results. Safer patients. Happier clinicians.
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How Io Health Works


Validates data in real time


Helps clinicians learn best practices, faster


Automates cross-checks and other manual error checking


Why Customers Love Io Health

Accuracy Simplified

Easier, more accurate clinical

Real-time Clinician Education

Real-time clinician help and
Education to speed onboarding.

What can the patient do safely? This item includes getting to and from the toilet. Patients typically require some level of assistance due to high fall risk, new medications with side effects, and/or limited ROM, strength, and endurance
Accelerating Coding, QA
& Billing
Speed The Revenue Cycle by
making Coding, QA & Billing
High ROI

Our Customers are realizing higher revenue

Benefits of io Health

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Real-time Validation

Reduce Quality Assurance cost
by finding and fixing errors in
real time.

Better Star Ratings

Improve star ratings by detecting errors
and training clinicians to avoid those
errors in the future.

Higher Revenue

Increase revenue by not mis-scoring
ADLs and other OASIS questions.

MD Protocol Compliance

Earn the trust of your physicians by ensuring compliance with their protocols.

Simple Implementation

Low implementation costs with no complex integrations


What Our Clients Say

“Exceptional service! Streamlined
our documentation process, and
the support is unmatched.”
Nurse – Irvine California

Talk to us today!

Talk to us to learn how you can benefit. Happier clinicians. Better patient outcomes. Better financial results.
David A. Bell
Chief Executive Officer
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